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Up to 25% off in today’s supermarket deals

Welcome to our Thursday post and thank you for joining us.

Once again, the focus is on supermarket promotions especially as this post includes a couple of new ones that are but a day or two old.

However, looking at web posts more broadly, I realise I am ignoring two important pieces of advice.

First, the gurus say “keep it short” because demands on subscribers are increasing especially as more people are resuming time consuming travel to work routines.

Being realistic, however, I recognise that my monthly posts in particular have become too long.

One potential remedy is encapsulated in their second tip – “find what people value least” and stop doing it.

Subscribers tell me that they are more interested in what I recommend from supermarket promotions than (even comprehensive) examinations of what those deals contain. 

So, what I plan to do is:

  • Discontinue the tables summarising supermarket offers
  • Provide just the expiry date for each promotion and one recommendation.
  • Supplement that information each Thursday with one Sunday Best and one £8 to £12 wine; usually one available online.
  • But retain the hugely popular “Discounter Discoveries” posts on what’s new in Lidl or Aldi.

Consequently, there is no post next Thursday while I re-shuffle things and we start again in the new format next month.

Thanks for your patience while that takes place and, of course, tell me what you think about the changes – and, as ever, much else.

Latest Promotions


Tesco’s current promotion for Clubcard holders is now on its last lap and will expire on 23 May. I will update you on its successor later but, meanwhile, my recommendation from the current batch remains the delightfully fresh, ginger and apricot influenced Yalumba Y Series Viognier (Down from £8 to £7).


A new promotion started in Sainsbury’s a day or so ago with almost 50 Taste the Difference wines so if you have a favourite in that range, take a look to see whether it is on offer. That promotion ends on 7 June.

The one to try – especially if you want to look beyond Rioja for quality Spanish red – is the vibrant and cassis centred Taste the Difference Ribera del Duero (down to £9 from £10)


No details yet on the new Asda promotion but I will update you as soon as I have them


Just another week to run for Morrisons promotion (which ends on 24 May) and anyone looking for a good “quality/price ratio” white should opt for the green apple, lemon and grapefruit influenced Best Gruner Veltliner (down £1 to £7.50).


Extensive as ever, the new Waitrose promotion also started this week and runs through to either 7th or 14th of June. Here is a link to the details on their website.

My hot tip for anyone who is looking for budget level pinot noir is to seek out the red currant and cherry centred delights of Romania’s 2020 Sorcova Pinot Noir in this promotion. The price is reduced currently from £7.99 to £5.99.


Another fresh set of promotions are those from the Co-op which started yesterday and run to 7 June.

My recommendation from these deals is Pacific Mountain Vineyard Chardonnay  (down £1 to £6) with its well-crafted balance between fruit influences and the use of oak.

It is only available in selected stores though.

Talent Scout Update

MidWeeker Eddie  reports on DV Catena Argentinian Malbec 2019 (now £10 in Sainsbury's – until 7 June) which is a cuvée from several Mendoza high altitude vineyards. It displays bright, dark cherry-red colours, well-balanced acidity and tannins, plum and dark cherry fruit forward flavours, some oak, a slight spiciness but silkiness on the palate.

Tending to fragrant rather than elegant when opened and left to breath, it is lovely with food like roast beef or lamb but drinks well without.

It is often found on the top shelf at Sainsbury's in a presentation box.

The list price is £12 though it is frequently reduced to £10 – which becomes £7.50 if we are lucky enough to catch it on a double dip offer – or £9 with Sainsbury’s regular “25% off list prices when you buy 6 deals”.

This scores highly for me as a classy Malbec – one they say will lay down for up to 6 years!!! I couldn't keep it that long, but it gives an indication about its potential improvement in bottle. 

[As you imply, Eddie, high altitude malbecs are pushing up quality (by virtue of lower disease risk, plenty of water and low acidity-boosting overnight temperatures). Tupungato – where some grapes for this wine are sourced – has vineyards at 1500 metres.] 

Call back on Monday folk for Top Tips specially formulated with the upcoming four-day weekend in mind.

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David Griffiths

Please do not recommend the Catena Malbec. It is my go to red wine and an absolute steal when on offer. It is also rebranded at Tesco as The Triology Malbec under their finest range.

Brian Elliott

Sorry, David, that your secret is out now – but I guess there should be enough to go round. Thanks for the reference to the Tesco version, I think subscribers will find that very helpful – although I am not sure about its availability there at present.


Haven’t seen The Trilogy at Tesco for quite a while, Brian.

Brian Elliott

Ah! So may be it has been delisted. Thanks for the update, Carl ….Brian

Eddie Walker

Thank you Brian for posting my piece on the Catena Malbec. I do think it’s a cut above for the grape and comes in at the top end of my usual purchasing criteria from supermarkets at a full £12. Not only does Sainsbury’s currently have it at £10, with £2 off, but so does Asda , on a roll back! Whether anyone will throw up a 25% off deal while it’s at £10, is anybodies guess. The double dippers are rare. But personally if I can get it at its lowest price point I will have some to lay down when its being said it will keep on drinking for several years. And then in time it should be interesting when trying out subsequent vintages. Cheers Brian … happy quaffing everyone …

Brian Elliott

Thanks Eddie. Quality content like yours is helping to underline exactly why I am so anxious to promote the Talent Scout idea. Keep them coming guys …. Brian

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