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This week’s top tips and current promotions

This week's post focuses on the upcoming Lidl Wine Tour, and combines my top tips and details of notable wine promotions.

Unsurprisingly, COVID restrictions meant no preview tasting this time so I haven't sampled all the wines in the promotion (which started last Thursday).

However, you can check the Lidl website for the Master of Wine scores that are linked to most Lidl Wine Tour promotions.

The full list of offers includes around 30 wines from Spain, Portugal or Italy, and all but one fall in the £4.99 to £8.49 price range. From the limited selection I have been able to try, my personal top tips appear below.

2017 Alma da Vinha Tinto (£5.99 at Lidl and 13.5%)

The Master of Wine scores (mentioned above) suggest this Duoro Valley option is the pick of the “under £6” reds, and I agree that it is an excellent example at a great price.

Its substantial floral, cherry and plum fruit is kept fresh by lively acidity and a complexity provided by its chocolate, nutmeg and aniseed backdrop and firm but proportionate tannin.

2019 CEO Godello Vino Blanco (£7.99 at Lidl and 12.5%)

I do slightly part company with the Master of Wine assessment on the whites, however, where their top marks go to an Italian Gruner Veltliner. To me, it lacks the slightly austere mineral bite that makes Austrian versions so special.

In my view, it is outpointed by this Spanish white from Monterrei, which is adjacent to Portugal’s northern border.

It uses the Godello grape that Oz Clarke’s Grapes & Wines book describes as “in the running for the title of Spain’s most interesting white grape”.

The wine itself brings us rich red apple and grapefruit flavours, sherbet influenced citrus acidity and a perfumed depth with hints of apricot.

Either of these wines will help to enhance the most bizarre version of ‘Whit Monday' Bank Holiday that I can remember.

On Thursday, we take a look at wines from some of the fire ravaged parts of Australia.

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Dave Cronin

Hi Brian, Godello is probably my go to white Spanish grape in all its styles, including those that have a touch of oak which is probably my preference, been a fan for a while now , still don’t see a lot of it around which is a shame . This one sounds like it’s worth checking out, I’m assuming it’s got a little salinity about it as well, doesn’t sound like it has any oak. Perfect for this weather I’d say.
Trip to Lidl me thinks, before it disappears, these Lidl wine tour parcels don’t seem to hang around long.
Thanks, salud & drink well

Brian Elliott

Hi Dave … I know that Godello is a favourite of yours so your enthusiasm for this one is no surprise. I considered it a particularly good example with, as you suggest, some brine influences too but I am not sure about oak; instinct says not.

Nick Hearnden

Taken your advice, bought the Godello for Mrs H and the Duoro for me, plus a Carinena and a Carles Priorat. Looking forward to trying them

Brian Elliott

Good Man – Brownie points for Nick on the way I am guessing; that Godello is excellent. Be interested in your thoughts on the Priorat since I have not tried that recently. Personally, I put the Duoro ahead of the Carinena but do report back on what you think ….. Best….. Brian

Nick Hearnden

The Carinena was somewhat lacking in my expectation. Although cheap, there are better examples at the same price in other supermarkets (Asda).
Trying the Duoro tonite and looking forward to it!

Brian Elliott

Thanks for the update Nick. Next instalment is eagerly awaited.

Brian Elliott

Thanks for providing that useful additional information – and really good to hear from you. Like you, I struggle to find anyone selling Ocio here (beyond car boot sales) but will report back if any sources surface.

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