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This week’s top tips and current promotions

My recommendations this week focus on a stand-out Pinotage for less than a fiver and a great value Chenin Blanc. My picks from the latest Asda and Morrisons promotions are also included below.

2019 Taste the Difference Fairtrade Chenin Blanc (£6.50 – instead of £7.50 until 15 September – at Sainsbury’s):

Climate change in France and dedicated wine-making everywhere has put Chenin Blanc on a roll.

This South African version typifies what the grape variety does so well – creating white wine with juicy, peach and apple flavours neatly supported by good lime acidity and an attractive chalky depth. Find it online here.

2019 Mountain Vineyards Pinotage (£4.75 at Tesco):

You have to be careful with Pinotage (especially cheap versions) because, frankly, some of them are pretty grim.

This great value Western Cape red, however, is a delightful exception. It has minty, plum and cherry flavours, good acidity, limited tannin, spicy chocolate depth and just a hint of sweetness.

Find it here on Tesco's site but note prices may differ in Scotland and Wales where minimum pricing laws apply.

It is now down to £4.50 in England I believe!

Current promotions

At Asda

Asda's latest offers kick off on Thursday and are expected to run until 7 October. Below are the bottles that I think are worth a look.

  • Trivento Reserve Malbec (Down from £8 to £6)
  • Campo Viejo Rioja Garnacha (Down from £8 to £6.50)
  • La Chasse Cotes du Rhone Reserve (Drops to £6)
  • Les Dauphins Cotes du Rhone (Down from £8 to £6)
  • Saint-Chinian Grenache Blanc (Drops to £7)
  • Extra Special Premier Cru Champagne Brut (Drops to £19)

At Morrisons

A new promotion starts at Morrisons on Wednesday and will run until 6 October. Here are my highlights. For the full range see online or instore.

  • Workshop Mastercraft Sauvignon Blanc (Down from £10 to £8)
  • Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc (Drops from £9.50 to £7)
  • The Best Pecorino (Down to £6)
  • The Best Soave Classico (Drops to £5.50)
  • Carta Roja Pura Jumilla Organic Wine (Down to £6)
  • Beefsteak Club Mendoza Malbec (Down from £8.25 to £6)
  • Vinalba Patagonia Malbec (Drops to £8)
  • Vinus By Paul Mas Clairette (Down to £6.50)
  • Diablo Dark Red (Drops to £7.50)

Tune in again on Thursday when I look at three levels of Chardonnay produced by Australia’s acclaimed McGuigan outfit.

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Eddie Walker

Got a bottle of the SA Pinotage straight off, Brian! When I opened it and first taste I thought oh no … here we go again! BUT … no …steady away and left it not 24 hours but 48! STUNNING for the money. As long as this vintage/bottling lasts it will be a go-to purchase at that cost and not just the money because it is a delicious, fruity, interesting drop to have. Thank you.

Brian Elliott

Like you, Eddie, I approached this with limited expectations and was very pleasantly surprised. It is amazing how many wines do improve dramatically with being left for a day or so. Driven, no dount, by the understandable need for income, I guess a lot of wine gets released too early.

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