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Sainsbury’s see May out with cracking discounts

Inexpensive Bordeaux wine often seems an oxymoron but the latest Sainsbury’s promotion turns it into reality. I have pinpointed three of the region’s wines that, to me, illustrate the point perfectly.

But the joy doesn't end there ….

Better still, you get an extra 25% off when – outside Scotland – you buy any six bottles of Sainsbury’s wine during the first ten days of the promotion. Potentially, then, you can buy two bottles of all three of these Bordeaux specials for just over £31. Remember though this additional 25% discount ends on 30 May.

Although these promotions are clearly time limited, my judgements on the wines themselves should hold good for at least three months from the date of the post.

Click on any of the bottles shown for an enlarged image to help you pinpoint the wine on a crowded shelf.

Slightly off the beaten track

Traditional but Tasty St Emilion
Traditional but Tasty St Emilion

To secure maximum value anywhere – but especially in Bordeaux – you often need to stray beyond the most prestigious areas; and a hyphenated St Emilion name usually suggests that you have done so.
2012 Roc de Lussac – St Emilion (£7.50 – instead of £11.25 until 9 June at Sainsbury’s) nevertheless delivers soft, rounded plum and bramble fruit with firm acidity and a hint of mocha behind its balanced tannic twist; this is typical, tasty and great value.

 Another great red goes into extra time

Well priced claret
Well priced claret

Moving to the sea end of Bordeaux's Right Bank, it is good to see the promotion on 2012 La Patrie Cotes de Bordeaux Merlot (now staying at “two for £12” or £6 a bottle in Scotland – instead of £7 until 9 June) extended by a further three weeks.


I can only repeat my earlier assessment which described it as “savoury and vanilla influenced with fresh blackberry and black cherry flavours and well judged tannin”.

 And so to a white …..

Impressive Bordeaux Sauvignon
Impressive Bordeaux Sauvignon

Although claret steals most headlines, Bordeaux also produces excellent sauvignon blanc and sometimes blends it very successfully with semillon.

The grape variety, however, stands on its own in 2013 Roc Saint Vincent Sauvignon Blanc (“Two for £12” or £6 a bottle in Scotland – instead of £8.25 until 9 June) to show off its grassy, lime centred acidity and the floral, textured tropical fruit influences that support it.

 Meanwhile, outside Bordeaux …..

If you want to apply the 25% half case discount to champagne, note that it will allow you to include the Sainsbury’s Blanc de Blanc Champagne Brut I have lauded earlier, among a mix of six bottles for a mere £15 a bottle.

At the risk of being extra sad and fussy, let me stress that the 25% reduction on six or more bottles runs until 30 May but does not apply in Scotland. The main promotion runs on until 9 June and, in eligible areas, you can combine the two offers until 30 May. There, that’s got the “legals” over – I hope!

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