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My Top 5 Under £10 White Wines from Aldi’s Refreshed Range

Hard on the heels of my look at the latest Lidl Wine Tour, I turn my attention today to wines from Aldi.

A large part of their range was refreshed in September and, last month, I commended no fewer than eight red wines from those offerings.

This time I have selected five white wine that also clear the MidWeek Wines “great quality and excellent value” hurdle.

All are under £10 and one is astonishingly generously priced at £5.99.

So let’s begin our examination of the white section of what the Aldi hierarchy justifiably contend are “fantastic quality wines at accessible price points”.

The images and hyperlinks provided should help you to find them in crowded displays.

New Vintage Australian Sauvignon

2023 Specially Selected Kooliburra Sauvignon Blanc (£9.99 at Aldi and 13% abv):

For a change from the traditional boldness and assertiveness of New Zealand sauvignon blanc, try this more restrained option from Western Australia’s Margaret River.

That region’s latitude and warmth seem to account for this greater softness because ripening can be quicker and more extensive and, thus, seeming to leave less acidity in the grapes. 

Despite limited initial texture, this wine slowly builds up its pear, melon and green pepper flavours.

Those evolving features are nicely complemented by firm lime acidity and a suspicion of menthol and herb influences.  

An Odd Couple

2022 Kooliburra Chardonnay Grüner Veltliner (£9.99 at Aldi and 11%):

Here is an unexpected partnership.

While chardonnay is plentiful in Australia, gruner veltliner is very much a niche variety and putting them together would never have crossed my mind.

However, this does work well with the tropical fruit elements and oak aging potential of chardonnay blending with the green fruit and white pepper characteristics of its partner. 

Full and golden in colour, the resulting wine’s foundation is soft red apple, peach and mango flavours.

Sherbet centred acidity (probably gruner derived) follows on, along with a touch of vanilla.

Back to Europe now

2022 Specially Selected Marsanne (£7.49 at Aldi and 13%):

While still way behind the region’s red wine grape varieties in popularity, offerings using traditional Rhȏne Valley white wine grapes are slowly gaining a following.

This example is actually from Languedoc – a region that uses a similar cocktail of grapes for white wine blends and where marsanne can often be used.

That variety has a long history of use in Southern France probably because of the texture it adds to wine and its suitability for blending.

Here, though, it flies solo to offer us wine with a fragrant and textured quince, pineapple and orange centrepiece.

Those flavours are partnered by nuttiness, firm acidity, savoury twists and suggestions of grapefruit pith and contrasting hints of sweetness.

And a mystery blend

2022 Specially Selected Cawkscrew Blend (£8.99 at Aldi and 12.5%):

This is billed simply as a “white blend” and – given the innovative winemakers now prevalent in South Africa’s Swartland region – almost anything is possible.

Taste buds, however, suggest that chenin blanc plays a major role here, possibly with a tickle or three of sauvignon to turbo-charge its acidity, but do try to work it out for yourselves.

Imbued with honey traces and a lingering finish, the result delivers soft red apple and passion fruit flavours.

It also has slightly sweet aromas and lively tangerine acidity accompanied by orange and lemon curd elements and a savoury finish.

Finally, back to France

2022 Pierre Jaurant French Viognier (£5.99 at Aldi and 12.5%):

Once the preserve of a small corner of the Northern Rhȏne, viognier is now quite widely produced (even with an excellent enclave in South Australia).

Great value versions come from Languedoc, but this is a “Vin de France” wine making geographic precision difficult – so concentrate on the brilliant price rather than its place of origin.

Relish, too, the engaging aromatic freshness, it brings to the party along with its elaborate nectarine and ripe melon flavours.

All this is embellished by balanced mandarin acidity and a smooth, viscous edge of sweetness.

More Price Reductions at Aldi

MidWeeker Graham has alerted me to Aldi’s revival of the weekly wine offers it introduced last year to cover the run-up to Christmas.

Gavi at £4.99 until Sunday (normally £7.99) seems to be this week’s featured wine but do check that the promotion is in force in your local store.

Meanwhile, I will provide more details as they emerge.

More News from Eddie

“Sainsbury's are currently offering a variation on their usual 25% discounting theme.

They have 25% off BUY 3 bottles, or more, but limited to particular bottles, this time their slightly more expensive Taste The Difference range.

It runs until Monday November 13th.

Noticeable that almost all of this range is currently being offered at its usual full price so double-dipping is almost non-existent. The trade-off being we can buy a minimum of three bottles of what we prefer, and not have to go to six!

For those less concerned about the worthyness of Prosecco as a cheaper-end populist fizz this rosé version seems to agree with the Sainsbury's clientel judging by online reviews. Everyone to their own there … we like it in this house …

Sainsbury's Prosecco Rose, Taste the Difference 75cl | Sainsbury's (

But best-of-the-bubbles deal would seem to be the Pignoletto spoken about favourably earlier this week here at MWW that comes in at £6. Looks to be a steal.

Sainsbury's Pignoletto Brut, Taste the Difference 75cl | Sainsbury's (

The TTD Barbera D'Asti, very agreeable to myself is £6.56, and their own take on a very popular style Portuguese red, Lisboa, is £5.62.”

[Thanks again Eddie … Ed]

My next post (on Monday) contains terrific recommendations from two of the range of retailers that appear regularly in my weekly Top Tips feature.

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Brummie Dave

Hi Brian ( or Graham )
Do you know what day the Aldi “wine of the week” starts?
Just bought 12 of the Gavi today, a DOCG wine for £4.99 is a bargain
The other week they had California Malbec reduced from £8.99 to £3.49, but all gone when I went in on Thursday

Brian Elliott

Hi Dave and thanks for joining the band of folk adding comments to the site. As far as I can see, each of these weekly promotions run from Monday to Sunday.

Graham Craddok

Yes starts Mondays. Don’t worry about missing out on the Californian Malbec it really wasn’t very special. Pizza wine at best never worth the £8 mark.

Brian Elliott

Good to hear from you Graham and many thanks for your thoughts on that wine. There are some excellent options coming up under this promotion which I hope will amply compensate for any disappointment you felt this time around.

Paul Davies

Good to see Aldi wines are back on song.I had thought recently they had gone off the “boil”.
Pre COVID Aldi asked me ( one of 30) to be a wine reviewer for nearly two years.I was impressed that Aldi did not pressure for favourable reviews,but wanted honest,considered opinions and my comments were never edited.I thought their approach was professional.

Brian Elliott

Some good wines there at the moment and they are especially strong on Spanish wines currently. As to Wine Reviewers, there really is no substitute for honest appraisal and objective benchmarking – but too often it gets ditched as an unnecessary expense.

Richard Wyndham

I have bought the odd bargain in previous wine of the week Aldi offers. They are often hard to find, some times stacked up by the entrance, not actually in the wine aisle.
On a more controversial note I note they do an Asti Spumante DOCG at £4.49 – a rare budget winner as only 7%! We have a Christmas tradition of serving a glass of this pre Christmas Pudding. After a long and filling meal, this light frothy and refreshing wine lightens the mood and palette before getting stuck into pud!

Daniel O'Sullivan

Got to Say I’m a fan of Aldi wine and have tried most of them I usually go for red and found the animus from Portugal the pick of the bunch and they have now started doing a white I have only tried it once but very good I am not a wine buff but both these are Great tasting

Brian Elliott

Welcome aboard Daniel and thanks for contributing to the Comments section. Animus was the pick of the inexpensive Portuguese reds at one stage. Others have sought to catch it up now, but it does still seem to offer great value for money.

Brian Elliott

Well-made Asti is a lovely option but too many have been froth, acidity and little else. Not so with the prime versions from both premium discounters though.

David E

Great fan of viognier but slightly alarmed by the list of ingredients on Aldi’s website. Is this normal?

Ingredients Grapes, Rectified Grape Must, Stabilising Agents: Metatartaric Acid, Gum Arabic, Citric Acid; Preservative: .

Brian Elliott

Probably need more than my O Level Chemistry to answer that question but, I agree, the list does look alarming.

Eddie Walker

A very welcome critique Brian. Suddenly Aldi got all interesting again!

I was in a store a few weeks ago to replenish with their cracking Castellore Primitivo, a stunner just increased to £6.29, and remarkably grabbed what seems to be the last of the Blütengarten Riesling for £4.50. Absolutely no complaints what Aldi are asking for a lot of these way better than average bottles.

In nosing around on the website I stumbled across new to me this one.
Castellore Ribolla Gialla Wine 75cl | ALDI

So last Monday you had the Spumante Ribolla Gialla from Majestic as a recommendation and look here, a still version of this grape/denominazione! And a mere £4.49!! So that’s one for the try-this list when I get back into a branch.

Seems everywhere we look Gavi is making a hit and why not. I enjoy it as much if not more than any Italian white .Not forgetting at £5.29 their Pierre Jaurant red Bordeaux that you turned me on too. Again it’s amazing to have such pleasant drinking in typical, traditional style for such reasonable money.

Brian Elliott

Yes, I have commended that grape a couple of times over the years but yet to try that Aldi one. Glad, though, that you are enjoying that Bordeaux – it is a great option at the price.

Margaret Heys

Asda are also doing 25% off three bottles Extra Special including Prosecco

Brian Elliott

Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t caught up with that one yet. Thanks, too for joining the group of folk commenting on the posts – opinions are always welcome here.

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