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Lidl’s Wine Tour Hits the Road Again

 A new Lidl Wine Tour started last week – remember that these are now monthly events rather than just six times a year.

Quite an eclectic mix is included this time around, and I found a much bigger variety than usual in the styles on display.

Slightly surprisingly, then, that there is a very tight range of Bampfield scores (as assessed by Richard Bampfield, Lidl’s resident MW).  

With the usual kindly pricing structure though, there is scope to try out several and see what fits your particular tastes.

I have selected seven bottles here that suited my taste buds rather well – and I hope you enjoy them too.

As is normal here, pictures and hyperlinks are provided where possible to guide you straight to the right bin in your local Lidl store.

First then a Spanish red

2021 Laureatum Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon (£6.99 at Lidl while stocks last and 13.5% abv):

This has Vino La Tierra Tres Riberas on the label indicating that it is from the part of Navarra in northern Spain with a three river plain.

Vino La Tierra is the rung below the DO (Denominación de Origen) level in the Europe-wide classification system.

On another note, it is slightly unusual to see cabernet sauvignon on a Spanish wine label but this blend with tempranillo works well.

Juicy and floral, the result contains medium bodied plum and loganberry flavours accompanied by good acidity (but modest tannin) with touches of rosemary and vanilla.

And staying in that country

2022 Vina Albali Gran Seleccion (£6.99 at Lidl while stocks last and 13%):

This is one of two Spanish reds from the celebrated Felix Solis stable in this Tour – both with the same prices and 86 point scores.

For me, though, this is the better option and the version I would recommend.

Smoky but with excellent clarity, it exhibits textured raspberry, sour cherry and blackberry flavours.

Although tannin levels are modest, it does have lively acidity together with hints of cedar, dried herbs and cinnamon.

My top choice among the reds

2021 Entre Quintas Douro Reserva (£7.99 at Lidl while stocks last and 14%):

When fortified wine sales stalled, the port producers along Portugal’s Douro river focussed attention on red table wines, and especially those at the fuller end of spectrum.

As this illustration testifies, local grapes touriga franca and touriga nacional (accompanied here by tinta roriz – tempranillo) can give those versions real flourish.

Dark and delightfully smooth, its centre-piece is intense damson, mulberry and black cherry flavours.

In support comes mild tannin – neatly balanced against the wine’s acidity – and a savoury bite to add contrast.

Now for a white

2022 Cotin Jaillet Côtes du Rhône Blanc (£6.99 at Lidl while stocks last and 13%):

Anyone looking for white wine with a more savoury base than, say, a new world sauvignon blanc need look no further than France's Rhône Valley.

There grapes like marsanne and roussanne fit that bill perfectly and provide access to really enjoyable whites like this – often at surprisingly modest prices. 

Clear and bright, it brings us zesty quince and greengage flavours with a savoury flinty twist.

A texture incorporating traces of the sweeter spices, along with sharp grapefruit peel and tangerine acidity, complete the picture.

And another Hungarian delight

2022 Furmint Amethyst (£9.99 at Lidl while stocks last and 11.5%):

Last time, the Wine Tour had a dry Hungarian white from the sweet wine stronghold of Tokaj and using the local hárslevelű grape.

Something similar appears this time but using the better known (and slightly superior) furmint grape.

It is perhaps not quite as rich as the previous one but is probably just a little more elegant.

Pale but nicely stylish, it has aromatic red apple, orange and grapefruit flavours with just a twist of sweetness.

To those are added lemon and tangerine acidity married to neat sherbet components.

Heading for a rosé next.

2022 Collin Bourisset Coteaux Bourguignons (£8.49 at Lidl while stocks last and 13%):

This Wine Tour has two European rosés – one French and one Portuguese, both at the same price and both attracting the same Bampfield points.

To my taste though this was the better of the pair and is made the more attractive because it from a region (and talented producer) you do not immediately associate with rosé.

With floral aromas and the colour of dog roses, it provides textured strawberry, pomegranate and blood orange flavours.

Look out too for its tongue nipping acidity, gentle hint of sweetness and rose hip and cola elements.

And like many meals we finish with something sweet.

2020 Pillitteri Estates Icewine Vidal (£13.99 for a half bottle at Lild while stocks last and 10.5%):

This is not on the advertising material for the promotion but should be on the shelves in many Lidl stores.

Christmas has come early this year with a slightly more aged than usual version of the Canadian Icewine Lidl have sold most festive seasons.

Icewine is a sweet dessert wine made from grapes gathered while frozen on the vine, resulting in an offering with concentrated sugars and intense flavours.

It is usually eye-wateringly expensive but these Lidl options are much more kindly priced and well worth trying if you have yet to sample the style.

Gold coloured and delightfully smooth, it features rich apricot, lychee and apple crumble flavours.

Adding complexity are honey aromas coupled with good acidity yet suggestions of marmalade and crunchie sweeties too.

More 25% Deal News from Eddie

He tells us …

“A noticeable development in the case of the big 5 supermarkets when offering typical 25% off buy 6 bottles offers is how regularly they now turn up.

Waitrose go yet again and their deals run up to Tuesday November 7th.

It includes everything between £6 and £100 and the offer is available when shopping in branch or on their specialist wine site –

It is also available for conventional online grocery deliveries by (with the usual £40 online grocery minimum spend applying).

For our friends here who regularly flag up Waitrose bottles, Dave Cronin no doubt, and Brian too, will be pleased about one recent recommendation here at MWW, Sorcova Romanian Pinot Noir, that will be no more than £6.36

Sorcova Pinot Noir | Waitrose & Partners

In addition, Brian's fancied South African Syrah from a couple of months ago can be £6.74.

Porcupine Ridge Syrah | Waitrose & Partners

Thanks Eddie – more help there for MidWeekers to extract maximum value from their wine purchases.

Call in again on Monday when the spotlight falls on Top Tips that offer especially good value at other stores near you.

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I was a big fan of the previous Tokay, and so will be interested to compare with this one..

Brian Elliott

Be interested in your thoughts. Furmint is probably a slightly more elegant and versatile grape but that last version seems to get the very best from hárslevelű.

Eddie Walker

Thank you as ever for the informative critique on the new Lidl Wine Tour Brian, all in one place and looking as interesting and as varied as it does.

I already had the Laureatum cuvée pegged with an extra £1 off using my Lidl Plus app! A white Côtes du Rhône looks good too.

What I like about Lidl’s wine policy in particular comparatively speaking vis the big 5 supermarkets, is that Lidl offers so much so often in the way of new bottles while the big 5 seem sit on their hands and none of them gives us a new dozen or more to consider every month.

OK, the trade off is ”while stocks last” but I’ll take that on the chin when their range can be so interesting.

Lidl do themselves a favour here, and us too as enthusiasts I think by not being hamstrung by whatever it is that dictates to the big 5 as they maintain large stocks of Barefoots, Blossom Hills and Yellow Tails, that I never consider!

But even Lidl’s regular shelf stock can be way more interesting too as it has been added to over the years, especially Italian reds for some reason.

I often struggle to shop with much enthusiasm at most big retail outlets nowadays (though still like Morrisons Market Street!), but constantly nose around Lidl’s wooden crates as I collect my Italian Cotto ham, Mortadella and black Spanish olives, Cyprus Haloumi and the odd tray of French escargot from the freezer cabinet! It just feels like I’m shopping at a kind of deli supermarket at times with a pleasant euro-feel.

OK, the Big 5 have plenty of ranges too but the Lidl mantra of less is more seems to work when there’s a touch of the more exotic attaching to their Bellarom coffee range, Dulano sliced meats and Iberian Sol Mar, with the quality we also get.

Eddie Walker

PS No doubt there will be some responses soon enough re this Lidl selection as people try your recommendations Brian, so playing catch-up as we often do here at MidWeekWines can we retrace to October 26th and your piece of Languedoc bottles. I pushed the boat out … TWS … delivered in less than 24 hours free of charge The Wine Societies Domaine Jones Fitou. WHAT a bottle!!!! Twice as much as a couple more with top marks from TWS and down in the Languedoc too, but my word the Katie Jones offering a stunner and worth every penny. Talk about the ”French” taking back control. Suddenly old-fashioned became the very thing of massive quality and enjoyment.

Dave Cronin

I agree, big time Eddie, I’ve enjoyed all Katie Jones wines I’ve tried, I must get some more!
While in our local I got a bottle of the Laureatum Tempranillo, with a further £1 off with the Lidl app, had a pound off the Furmint as well but none in stock unfortunately. That particular Albali I’ve not tried yet but other Albali’s I’ve had have been perfectly acceptable.

Eddie Walker

Dave .. Katie Jones gets special mention in latest Decanter.. but for one of her whites ..over £30 mind.

The one problem with Lidl Plus offers is how fast they disappear … 6 days left!!! And then not all Lidl branches do stock full ranges of TheTours.

I still have some Cabriz rose on my shelf from a £3.99 reduction a while back on left overs. It’s better than just ok but not worth comparatively the now price , more than £8 currently.

Brian Elliott

Personally, I thought the French option out-performed it this time.

Eddie Walker

Just a thought Brian … friends … the current Waitrose 25% off buy 6 offer runs until the end of Tuesday 7th November so still time to get in and have what you fancy!

What I’d missed that I only this morning picked-up on is the fact this offer applies to Port and Sherry as well as still and fizzy table wines and Champagne. This is unusual and most other retailers don’t offer this facility.

It’s one of those small details and conditions we continue to remind folks about. All supermarket deals/offers are not the same and checking on what is what and what is new and/or different is always worth it.

Stand out for me at the money with over £5 off, is this Grahams 10 Year Old Tawny Port that could be £16.87.

Brian Elliott

Good suggestion Eddie. As you say, Tawny Port at that price is a great opportunity.

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