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An Opportunity Not to be Missed – and Other Promotions

Time for our regular round-up of the Easter promotions on the High Street and there is a lot to report.

First, there are no fewer than three retailers (Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda) with variations of the increasingly popular “Buy 6; save 25%” formula.

Although several promotions end shortly, I have refreshed some of the “Worth Exploring” ideas for on-going deals – with the usual caveat that these are suggestions not specific recommendations.

Also included today is an Optimising Opportunities feature which – you may recall – encourages folk to use promotions to try something different knowing that less money than normal is at risk.

In addition, where possible hyperlinks and pictures are again included to help you target the right bottle on a display or website.    

Optimising Opportunities

Wine purchases seem polarised around a tiny number of established grape varieties to the exclusion of many delightful, diverse and often local wines.

Understandably, this increases when things get tight and fears about wasting money loom ever larger.

So, “Optimising Opportunities” pinpoints less than obvious wines on promotion that I consider well worth trying while the price is reduced.

This time, there is a double benefit because striking within the next couple of days can get you inside the multi-buy deal that takes 25% off even the discounted price.

So here is this time’s example

Clairette is a little known grape that features in several locations in Southern France – even popping up as a permitted variety in Chateauneuf du Pape but today’s focus is on an area near Pezenas.

Clairette du Languedoc is a tiny appellation making both sweet and dry white wines from the clairette grape as it has done for hundreds of years.

Its area may be small but Clairette du Languedoc has an influential champion – Jean-Claude Mas who owns vineyards there and is convinced about the variety’s potential.

Consequently, he has worked the magic that he brought to other Languedoc wines to develop this particular clairette which Sainsbury’s are now selling.

The result is in tune with modern tastes yet is given a traditional twist by a classy, fluted bottle and a wax seal over the cork.

To me, this is nicely rounded wine with a softness that makes it ideal summer drinking and serves, perhaps, as a counter those bold, assertive southern hemisphere sauvignons.

Bright and with blossom aromas, 2020 Heritage by Paul Mas Clairette du Languedoc(£7.50 – instead of £9 until 16 April – at Sainsbury’s and 12.5% abv) provides soft sherbet lemon, pear and apple flavours given freshness with gentle but zesty acidity and contrast by a carefully balanced chalky savouriness. 

Let’s look now at the broad picture

No new promotions this time but a total of four that expire before we meet again in next Thursday’s review of wine promotions.

In addition, Sainsbury’s ends its multi-buy discounts next week, but the main promotion runs on for another week or so.

Even though we are close to the final date, I am highlighting (and have included in the Worth Exploring” category) a Tesco claret that I have commended before and which represents exceptional value for money

Here, though, is the usual chart in respect of Tesco with further details available on the retailer’s website but remember that these offers are restricted to Clubcard holders.

Other expiring offers

The M&S promotion also ends next week (18 April) and with it may go the reductions on a range of M&S beers as well as discounts on a number of wines.

Remember, too, that MidWeeker Paul pointed out that the Lock Keepers Chardonnay is down to £6 at M&S and will remain so until 18 April.

Even though the Waitrose offer ends just a day later, I have refreshed the “Worth Exploring” group as this retailer has such a wide range of wines on promotion that it is hard to keep the selections down to three.   

MidWeeker Paul highlighted last week that Waitrose also have an Easter offer on selected wines normally priced in the “teens” but reduced to £10 each. The details can be found here.

Ongoing Promotions

There area further two weeks to run for the Sainsbury’s and Morrisons promotions and, for that reason, I have refreshed the “Worth Exploring” selection for weekend wine at Sainsbury’s and for the entire trio at Morrisons.

Down to £6 at Morrisons

It is worth mentioning too that the Morrisons deals also include some multi-buys where they are permitted.

Their “Four for £20” offers run until 19 April and largely focus on branded wines but there is an own label Rioja Crianza and South African sauvignon tucked away in there.

Morrisons offer an even broader choice available on “Three for £15” deals and these do not end until 26 April but check their website for details.

Here are the usual charts.

The focus over at Asda remains on their “Buy 6; save 25%” promotion on all wines priced at £4.75 and upwards where multi-buys are legal. These deals also end on 18 April.

I hope that this overview helps add tongue tingling lubrication to your Holiday weekend and that, as the old cliché has it, a good time is had by all.

My next post (on Monday) discloses my current Top Tips ahead of Thursday’s look at the promotions then current at major supermarkets – be good if you can join me on both occasions.

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Richard Wyndham

Hi Brian, I tried a bottle of the 2018 Henry Fessy Fleurie – one of the Waitrose wines on offer at £10. Cru Beaujolais wines range from easy drinking wines that can be enjoyed by those that aren’t that keen on red wines, right up to “serious wines” representing great value alternatives to expensive Red Burgundies. This is more towards the latter, to the extent that it may not be quite what one might expect from a “normal” Fleurie. It could also be kept for a few more years. I loved it, and if anyone wants to try a top end cru Beaujolais, at £10 this is a bargain way to get one! I believe Fessy doesn’t use the Carbonic Maceration method, which is credited with giving the “bubblegum” flavour associated with much Beaujolais wine.

Brian Elliott

Thanks for calling attention to this wine and its reduced price Richard. Henry Fessy is a good producer and you are right that some Cru Beaujolais wines are becoming decidedly Burgundian – but without the price tag. Morgan and Moulin a Vent are especially good examples of the trend so it is interesting to see a Fleurie taking, as you report, a similar path. I do hope more MidWeekers – enthused by your praise – try this wine for Easter too.

Chris Batchelor

I spotted the name Mas on the Clairette and put a couple in my ‘Buy 6’ basket. Haven’t tried it yet, but looking forward to doing so even more now!

Brian Elliott

Good to see you were ahead of the game, Chris., and bought some before I even mentioned it. I was impressed by the wine’s softness and lightness but I hope you find equally attractive features when you open one of your bottles.

Eddie Walker

Hi Brian. Shopped at Morrison’s earlier and got a bottle of the organic Montepulciano. Being a sucker for ” Bordeaux” blends to test I also went for the Stellennosch cabernet-merlot with decent money off. Should be an enjoyable holiday weekend coming up. Salute …

Brian Elliott

Sounds like a great plan for an enjoyable Easter, Eddie. There is a good selection of sound, basic Montepulicno on the market but I felt that this Morrisons option was a point or so ahead of similarly priced versions. In addition, as you suggest, South Africa can do Bordeaux blends brilliantly, so I hope that particular one meets all the necessary expectations. Enjoy the long weekend.

Erik Burgess

Enjoyed the Clairette last evening. Sainsburys also have the Yalumba Y Series Riesling on offer which we also enjoyed too

Brian Elliott

Thanks Erik. Yalumba does great things with white wines (as years of brilliant viognier testifies), so I am glad that you rate the riesling too. Really appreciate the steer.

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