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25% reductions return to Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury's Blanc de Blanc
Sainsbury's Blanc de Blanc

I have just received intelligence (no jokes please) that Sainsbury’s are running another five day “25% off” promotion.

It runs from today – until 20 March – and kicks in when you buy six or more bottles. Scottish legislation means it does not apply there.

Since the deal includes wines already on promotion, look at it in particular for the Blanc de Blanc Champagne, Bellingham Bernard Series Roussanne and Zalze Reserve Chenin Blanc.

All are excellent wines at what will be terrific prices.

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P Bowman

I always credited you with intelligence you could be a little trying at times although I suppose I could as well. !!!!! Phil

Brian Elliott

Wow! That is the nicest thing you ever said about me in the whole time we worked together!

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