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2 Excellent Whites – one at under a fiver

The Co-op begin another promotion today and I have picked out a couple of whites that I rather think you will enjoy.

This promo also includes some branded champagnes that might work for you on Sunday week! – but they are only available “in selected stores”, so see what is actually on the shelves of your local shop.

Although the discounts shown here end on 23 February, the judgements on the wines themselves should hold good for at least another three months.

Click on the bottles shown for an enlarged image to help you pinpoint the wine on a crowded shelf.

Pinot Grigio acquires a lively partner.

Inycon Pinot Grigio Blend
Inycon Pinot Grigio Blend

It’s easy to walk past this coyly labelled Sicilian blend but its use of grecanico (the island’s name for the garganega of Soave) takes the quality – but not price – onto a different level.

PG’s signature features – undemanding, perfumed, tropical fruit influences – remain the start point but they are supercharged in 2014 Inycon Pinot Grigio Grecanico (£4.99 – instead of £6.65) with greengage based substance, acidity, touches of clove and a creamy texture.

First in the field and still doing well

Brancott Sauvignon
Brancott Sauvignon

When the UK originally joined the EC, New Zealand’s lamb trade effectively collapsed but Montana (now called Brancott over here) led the way in Marlborough’s brilliant transition from sheep to sauvignon!

Today, the fresh and grassy 2014 Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (£7.49 instead of £9.99) still provides stand out wine – embellished here with pithy grapefruit acidity and bell pepper components that enrich the classic gooseberry fruit and orange centred depth.



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Sunday 14th – the first Sunday in Lent. Champagne? More likely diet tonic water

Brian Elliott

Denying yourself something nice for lent is certainly a good discipline, Tim, but champagne? Surely not!

Dave Cronin

Always have a few bottles of Brancott around , big favourite with my wife and daughter.
It’s a pretty decent entry level Sauvignon Blanc and when on offer a good buy.

Brian Elliott

Agreed. It is good to see the orange centred depth that gives sauvignon extra complexity surfacing at lower price points.

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