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Sweet Wines

Despite – or, perhaps, because of – our parents’ generation’s love affair with sweetness, dessert wines attract depressingly little interest these days. Far from being passé and unsophisticated, however, they are brilliant partners to a sumptuous dessert or, as a contrast, to foie gras. Indeed, many restaurants now provide 125ml glasses of pudding wine to …

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Judging by the example set by its wine producers, it was no surprise to see Portugal shaking free from its international financial bailout last month. Admittedly, the Portuguese economic recovery remains work in progress but then so, too, is its wine industry. The momentum producers have already created, however, is astonishing. Not so many years …

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WHEN Innis & Gunn released its first beer in 2003, the rich vanilla and toffee flavours it had derived from oak ageing had an immediate – and very positive – impact. That was an excellent start – given that this was a beer never intended to be drunk! William Grant & Sons, the distiller behind …

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